Meet the Team



 Administration & Customer Service:

Barbara Janiak - Manager

Barbara is just completing her Apprenticeship in Management, and oversees both volunteers and staff

Emily Parker - BBO

Emily is a newer member of the team, and currently looks afer the administration of the Building Better Opportunities project



Martin Wright - Mechanic

Martin is completing his Cytech 2 apprenticeship

David Cowlishaw - Mechanic

David has recently started an apprenticeship in Team leading and has completed his Cytech 2



Stephen Taylor

Stephen is completing his Apprenticeship in Stores and Warehousing, and is also training candidates under the BBO programme




Sylwia Raczynska

Sylwia is currently studying her AAT level 3, and maintains the financial aspects of the Charity




Russ Taylor

One of the founding Trustees, Russ looks after the IT and Operations

Richard Lawrence

Also a founding Trustee, Richard handles sales, marketing and fundraising

Mandy Taylor

Mandy looks after the social and community aspects of the Charity

Jaitikta Dhir

Jaitika is a newer Trustee, and handles press releases and publicity

Iman Yam

Iman is also new to the team, and looks after the HR aspects of the Charity



Cycle-R are dependent on volunteers, and many have been with us for a long time, offering their time and skills to ensure the success of the Charity.

It is the nature of volunteers to come and go, however, we do have a core who have been with us for a long time.

These include:


Gordon Owen

Dan Meagher

Dylan Bailey

and many others